Success Stories

Kenia Pollara
Business Owner of Clean Hands, LLC

“Before coaching with Tess I was really struggling with lack of organization. I hate papers. She helped me prioritize and get focused on achieving my goals every week. Guess what? I gave a 30 day notice and started my business. In the first week I was making more money then employed! I was so thrilled and very excited! Thank you Tess!”

Esther Sanchez
Independent Director of Sales

“Before I coached with Tess I was having a hard time having time with for myself, putting other people before me, leaving myself for last. After coaching with Tess I’ve created a beautiful schedule that is practical, allows me time for my family, work and time for me. It’s really brought me a sense of completeness!”

Diane Donovan
Concierge Business

“After raising two awesome daughters to be independent in their careers and now are out of the house, I felt like I had lost my identity. I had no driving purpose in my life. Since meeting and coaching with Tess, her guidance and strategic principles have given me a new direction in my life. I’m so passionate and excited now to start my own business! Thank you Tess!”

Stephanie Gomez on Coaching
Co-Founder of Stabilizing Step & President of SCG Business Consulting, LLC

“When I meet Tess I was in the middle of a transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneur world and that came with a lot of stress, long work hours, and I was totally focused on growing the business. After the coaching sessions with Tess, I was able to define priorities and really highlight the important areas of my life that I needed to focus (on). I was less stressed and purposely spent time with my husband and child. I started working out. l was spending time spiritually with God. I’m so thankful I found Tess.”

Stephanie Gomez on Lifecoda Planner

“One of the ways that Tess helped me structure my life was with the planner Lifecoda. She actually came up with this because there is nothing like this in the market. It allows me to focus on all the different areas of my life… It allows me to bring structure to my life so I can have a balance life. I super excited I have a copy. I recommend that you get one today."